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It is understood that in the face of the severe challenge, in 2015 China's building sanitary ceramics industry should seize the main line to accelerate the transformation of development mode, adjust and optimize industrial structure and upgrade products as the main direction of the transformation of development mode, energy saving and emission reduction as the core, adhere to the important support of scientific and technological progress and independent innovation as a comprehensive and sustainable development mode transformation the technology innovation and the cultivation of talents as the key industry development, adhere to the fundamental starting point and goal of better training, guidance and meet the market demand as the transformation of the mode of development, the development of brand construction and industrial alliance based modern business model, fully implement the Scientific Outlook on Development, efforts to solve the building ceramics and sanitary ware industry energy saving environmental protection, resource conservation, sustainable development, further promote the building ceramics and sanitary Sanitary ware industry fully coordinated and sustainable development.

1 accelerate mergers and acquisitions, and promote industrial restructuring and upgrading
Through mergers and acquisitions driven industries and enterprises, and enhance the level of technology and management, improve the allocation of resources, improve resource utilization efficiency, and improve the overall quality and level of the industry, while promoting large enterprise groups further and make bigger and stronger, focusing on cultivating industry leading enterprises, give full play to large enterprise groups and backbone enterprises to accelerate the transformation of the mode of development, technological innovation, enhance the capability of independent innovation, promote industrial restructuring and upgrading of the leading and exemplary role.
2 to develop advanced, energy saving and environmental protection of ceramic production technology and equipment and products
Reducing energy consumption is the primary problem of building ceramics and sanitary ware industry development, to achieve low energy consumption and cleaner production is the fundamental way out for the development of the industry. Increase the step of product structure adjustment, eliminate backward production techniques and equipment, and vigorously develop new technology, new technology, promotion of advanced, energy-saving and clean production technology and equipment is guarantee to realize the sustainable development of the industry. Efforts to enhance the capability of independent innovation, vigorously develop high scientific and technological content, good economic benefit, resource consumption is low, environmental pollution technology and equipment and products will be the future direction of development of China Building Ceramic and sanitary ware industry. From the technical level, the implementation of dry milling and extrusion molding, can greatly shorten the process flow, low production of an important technology way.



3 promote reduction of resources, and vigorously promote the ceramic tile thinning process
China is the world's largest producer of ceramic tiles, 2014 China building ceramic tile production of more than 10 billion 200 million square meters. During the "Twelfth Five Year Plan" period, the average annual will be consumed more than 2 million tons of high-quality mineral raw materials, more than 50 million tons of high quality coal and emissions large amounts of carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides and dust. If implementation of ceramic tile "reduction" (thinning) 10%, each year will save high quality ceramic raw materials more than 2000 million tons, reducing the consumption of more than 500 million tons of coal, less emissions SO210 million tons, and save a lot of transport and logistics costs and greatly reduce production costs of enterprises, thus every year arising from social and economic benefits will reach tens of billions of dollars of visible propulsion thin porcelain brick (reduce) the meaning is very important. Of course, realize the ceramic tile thinned and need to research and development due to the decrease of the thickness of the thin of technologies, processes, equipment, specifications and application of major technologies and equipment, but also need to all aspects of society and the relevant government departments on the use of the strong support of thin ceramic tiles.
4 the application of light weight and water saving sanitary ware for sanitary ceramics
Sanitary ceramics products, in addition to the development and production of water-saving products (toilet, squat will implement, urinal), should also realize the lightweight, reduce production luxury, super heavy large integral sitting toilet, vertical urinal like products. If the sanitary ceramics in the existing weight based on the reduction of 10%, the annual savings of more than 300 thousand tons of high-quality raw materials and more than 2 million cubic meters of natural gas. In addition, we should also vigorously promote the pressure of health ceramics and other processes, to further realize the production mechanization, intelligent, technical progress to promote the development of the industry.


5 perfect industrial clusters, strengthen the ability of comprehensive industrial facilities
The rise of the industry cluster, an extremely important role in promoting the development of China building ceramics and sanitary ware industry in 20 years of play。 The maturity of the industrial clusters and improve and strengthen the industry comprehensive capacity, will greatly enhance the building ceramics and sanitary ware enterprise competition ability, will continue to be a key factor to promote the development of the industry。
6 adhere to a comprehensive independent innovation
At present, China has basically achieved the domestic building ceramics and sanitary ware whole line production equipment, and has a certain export competitiveness, but in product decoration , design and new technology of independent research and development innovation and world advanced level still has large gap. The whole industry should strengthen the cultivation of innovative talents, strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights, establish and improve the incentive mechanism to effectively encourage comprehensive independent innovation, and comprehensively improve the level of independent innovation and effectiveness.



7 develop new business model, enhance brand awareness and corporate competitiveness
Chinese building ceramics and sanitary ware industry operation mode is from production led to consumption led transformation。 At present the majority of enterprises to adopt mass production, multi brand marketing, homogeneous low price competition mode of operation, on the one hand is to improve product market share, on the other hand also formed brand awareness is not high, weak profitability, competitiveness is not strong situation。 This traditional mode of operation of the industry has been unable to adapt to the fierce market competition and the new requirements of economic and social development。 Establishing industry alliance, to promote the specialization and division of labor, to achieve the management of the enterprises from product oriented to brand the leading type of change is the important way that building ceramics and sanitary ware industrial upgrading。
At present our country is in the stage of accelerated development of urbanization, contains a huge domestic space。 According to forecasts, by 2030, the urbanization rate will reach 65%, various cities and towns will add 3 billion。 In the long run, urbanization, real estate development and large-scale construction of housing security, will continue for 10 years or 20 years。 This will provide strong and lasting impetus for the expansion of consumption and investment, and ensure the sustained and stable development of China's construction ceramics and sanitary ware industry。 China Building Ceramic and sanitary ware industry future prospects are bright, through the efforts, our technology and equipment level, management level, personnel quality, product and service quality, innovation ability will as soon as possible to narrow the gap with the world's leading level, and the early realization of innovation to improve and exceed the leading strategic goal。